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All you need is to read a bunch of good and bad online dating profile examples to attract men. Examples of Good Profiles If you want to learn how to write a dating profile that will attract the male audience, you should draw inspiration from checking other women’s bios and use the one you like as an online dating profile template. Dating Profile Examples For Women: 1) Your Username: (The Bad & The Good) This is one of the two first things that guys notice about you (the other being your profile pic). So don’t screw this up! Image Credit. The above is obviously a (very) bad example! Dating Profile Examples for Women Writing a dating profile is about one thing (or at least it should be about one thing) – effectiveness. It doesn’t matter if you write a dating profile that could be the next great American novel or it’s written at a second grade level… all that matters is that your dating profile attracts the type of ... Looking for good online dating profiles to copy? I gotchu, boo, with all the online dating profile inspiration and examples you need. Here are some great, easy-to-copy dating profile examples & profile photo optimization tips for gents and ladies. Feel free to mix, match, and edit these dating profile examples. 20 Online Dating Profile Examples For Women. Will Titterington August 22, 2020 September 30, 2019. Twitter Facebook Pinterest. Hey ladies. So, you’ve signed up to a few dating apps. You’ve uploaded a few pics, but now comes the tricky bit: Writing out a dating profile that catches the eye. These online dating profile examples for women will show you a few ways to use the normal details of your life to create a profile that’s different, unique, and a more accurate depiction of who you are. As you write your own profile, use them for inspiration and keep these tips in mind. For dating online, both men and women need to have a good knowledge about how to write a dating profile. This profile will help people know what kind of person you are and what are your interests and expectations. How to Create a Dating Profile. The most important of all tips is that the profile must be short and concise.

My meta doesn’t like me, and I don’t like her. Feeling hurt and embarrassed.

2020.09.29 06:24 littlebrowntiger My meta doesn’t like me, and I don’t like her. Feeling hurt and embarrassed.

My partner and I date people together. I don’t always end up having a sexual relationship with the women we date, but I have a lot of fun meeting women and bonding with them/just hanging out and doing stuff. This has worked really well for my partner and I in the past, in fact it’s how I met my best friend, and I still regularly see almost all of these people. My partner and I both include pics of each otheour situation on our dating profiles.
Two months ago, my partner met M. We hung out a few times, and I was kinda weirded out. She’s super monogamous, sheltered, and inexperienced. Those things are fine, but they definitely add a layer of complication to a sometimes complicated relationship style.
M started exhibiting behavior towards me that was just straight up weird and unfriendly. Giving me dirty looks, not speaking when I was in the room, sometimes not responding when I spoke directly to her. If I walked into the kitchen for a snack and she was there, she would go silent or leave the room. She just didn’t ever seem to want me around. Eventually, I just stopped taking my partner up on his offers for me to join them, because it was too fucking weird and unpleasant, I’m dealing with a lot of shit right now including a family death and I just didn’t want to deal with it. Point taken.
I expressed some of my confusion and concerns to my partner, who didn’t really take it seriously. He blamed it on her extreme anxiety, shyness, and her learning about Poly/not knowing how to act in a poly setting.
Today we were going to go to lunch, and invited her along. I don’t like hanging out with her, but I’m always civil and nice to her anyway, and it makes my partner happy. She asked my partner if the two of them could go without me. He told her no, but they could get a beer later.
She then told my partner that every time I speak to her or hang out with her (I’m always invited!) I’m crossing boundaries. She didn’t know I was invited to hang out, she thought that since just the two of them were dating she and I shouldn’t interact at all. She thought I was just inserting myself into their dates and being a jealous weirdo. She doesn’t want to hang out with me, she just wants to date my partner. Even though she is at MY HOUSE, eating my food, smoking my weed, and having sex with my live in serious partner, I’m apparently crossing her boundaries.
I’m fucking pissed! I kept telling myself “she’ll warm up to you eventually, keep being nice! She’s just inexperienced!” And it turns out I should have listened to my gut feelings. I’m so pissed with my partner for not communicating with her properly, and for not listening to my concerns.
Most of all, I feel really humiliated. From her perspective, I’ve been acting like a weird jealous psycho who inserts herself into other peoples dates. I feel embarrassed that I’ve been trying so hard, it just have seemed so cringy and weird. I’m just kinda hurt. I know it’s not really her fault, but I can’t help but really dislike her now, and I don’t really want to ever interact with her again. Am I overreacting?
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2020.09.29 05:05 reallycooldragon I'm a cis woman and I'm worried that I come across as a chaser

Sorry for the loaded title but I don't know how else to phrase it. I also posted here before, but used a throwaway and I can't remember the login info. Maybe someone will figure out who I am, oh well. Sorry this ended up being so long, tl;dr at the end.
I'm a cis lesbian, I was definitely a late bloomer in realizing that I am a lesbian. Until a few months ago I thought that I was bisexual and tried going on dates with men. Then I had a revelation that I can't see myself falling in love with a man and my attraction to them was mostly forced. I guess I'm homoflexible, I could see myself hooking up with a man in the future but the idea doesn't appeal to me as much as it did when I thought I was bi.
So far I've only been on dates with 2 women, and both of them are trans. I don't want to go into too much detail but neither of them have had bottom surgery. I did end up getting naked on both first dates. In retrospect this was mostly passive on my part: both women messaged me first, they were the ones to ask me on a date, and they also initiated the sex.
I'm friends with benefits with one of the women ("fwb") and she asked me about my history with other women and I was honest with her, I told her that I'm a baby gay so I've only been with one other woman. Fwb asked me something sexual and I had to tell her that the other woman is also trans and has not had bottom surgery. The next day during an unrelated conversation, fwb told me that if I am a chaser, she wouldn't mind.
Obviously, I'm not going to randomly disclose my sexual history with my dates, but at the same time if they ask, I'm going to be honest. I just took a brief glance through my most recent matches on Tinder, and it seems like half or more are trans women. I'm not just assuming, they say it in their profile. Whether or not someone is trans doesn't influence how I swipe on them - I think I've swiped right (and left) on more cis women than trans women but I end up matching more often with trans women. I do live in Seattle so I'm sure that we have a higher population of trans people.
I don't like sitting around waiting for someone to message me. But now that I've gone on dates with 2 women, and both were trans, I'm scared to send the first message. I'm worried that if I message a woman and she happens to be trans, I'll go out with her, the topic of my wlw relationship history will come up, and she'll think I'm a chaser. At the same time though, I'm not going to only message women whose profile don't say they're trans.
I don't think that I'm a chaser. I think it's just coincidence that both women who have asked me on dates are trans. But a lot of my matches happen to be trans women so I'm second guessing myself. I don't make any sort of assumptions about genitals, nor do I have a genital preference. I just want to share my life with a woman someday and I'm worried that I'm going to alienate a sizable population before that happens. I really hope I'm overthinking this.
tl;dr: I'm a cis baby lesbian. The two women I've gone out with and have hooked up with happen to both be trans and neither have had bottom surgery. A lot of my matches on Tinder are trans. I'm worried that I look like a chaser, or that I am a chaser, and as a result I'm worried to approach any women. (Well, more worried than normal.)
Edit: lol just realized I didn't even ask a question: How do I approach trans women without coming across like a chaser?
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2020.09.29 04:14 peekingoverthewall Instant swipe-left triggers for OLD

I collected these over a few months of deliberately going out on bad dates to refine my OLD vetting instincts.
This man has no knowledge or experience in actual BDSM and thinks that ‘I like to pull hair’ / ‘I like to use derogatory language’ / ‘But I took my shirt off why haven’t you cum yet’ are qualifying penchants for being kinky. Throw in ‘dominant’ and this man is boring at best and will put you in physical danger at worst.
I’m opposed to BDSM but I have relatively more respect for a man who, at minimum, knows what he’s talking about. Show me a ‘kinky’ man who wants to be dominated for a change and now atleast we can have a conversation about it.
Please note that while the use of ‘lol’ may arise naturally in any conversation, this man will use it unprompted in his profile description, he’ll use it as a complete sentence and he’ll never use ‘Lol’ with a capital L because that would count as taking life too seriously.
This man may not follow up his sentences with a ‘Lol’ but rest assured he will brush off all of your concerns and objections with a ‘but I was kidding’. To add insult to injury, he’ll then let you know that by sharing any concerns and objections in the first place, you were incredibly mean to him, you hurt his feelings and/or could you please change your tone.
This man is the fraternal twin to the carefree idiot in that they’ve both got the emotional capacity of a punctured condom.
This man has no idea what any of his proclaimed labels mean. He is hoping to find a partner who is one or any of these things to help validate his claims by association to said partner. This is the newest and lowest form of the ‘I’m not sexist because I have a mother’ in the form of ‘I am feminist because I went on a date with a woman’.
It is highly unlikely that a person who truly walks the walk will need to talk this kind of talk. If in doubt, ask this man ‘what does this mean to you?’ and watch all your doubts wash away with his facade.
Interestingly enough, when asked this question, this man will drop all pretense and directly proposition sex soon after. Maybe as a last resort, maybe to try to erase my memory of him faltering, maybe that’s what he would have done all along ? I can’t say for sure why this tends to happen but this is a pattern I’ve observed with this type of man. It is confusing but amusing nonetheless.
Language is important. It shapes your mindset and reflects your perspective of the world. If he’s looking for a ‘girl’ or worse a ‘chick’ i.e. doesn’t refer to women as adult humans is unlikely to acknowledge or treat women like adult humans.
Sameness in photographs indicates to me that he’s static and he doesn’t have a lot of emotional depth because he does not appear capable of emotional variation.
Photographs themselves don’t necessarily convey the value of a man; however, the photographs he uses on his dating profile give you valuable insight into his perspective of himself and of the world.
We cannot choose what we look like but we can choose how we present ourselves to the world. Keep in mind, that the pictures this person has chosen to share are his idea of his best version of who he is.
I’ll add more in a later post if you all feel like these were useful and not super generic/obvious.
Stay safe and stay sane!
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2020.09.29 03:47 AmazingUsername30 The guys who right swipe on every profile... does anyone have a solution.

I’ve read several posts of women upset by the men who right swipe on every profile. I swipe right on maybe 20-30% of women’s profiles. I don’t think it’s necessary for a partner to share every single interest/hobby/belief of mine. Additionally, I don’t need a woman to look like a model to see a potential future. Chemistry, in my opinion can not be assessed through text or over the phone. Basically, what I’m getting at is I feel I have more than reasonable standards and It’s gotten me zero dates.
My question is if the solution isn’t to be even less picky and swipe on more women. How could swiping on less women even remotely help me. Do you ladies have a solution to this dilemma?
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2020.09.29 03:36 mbattagl Tricks to avoiding paid memberships on dating apps.

By now most of the major online dating sites are owned by the same company, and that's starting to be reflected in how every single one is starting to reconfigure into the same standard setting along w/ the pricey cost of paying a monthly membership fee. Now while you certainly do give yourself greater access to the sites, and can get greater visibility there are ways that you can circumvent those obstacles w/o having to provide a credit card number:
  1. Let's say that you see you have a match on a website like Tinder, Bumble or OKC. These matches will show up as blocked out due to not having a full membership, but you can use the recommended section to go through random matches. Usually if someone swipes right on you first then they will show up w/i the first few profiles that show up. So swipe right a few times and you should be able to see your match.
    1. If you don't see the match right off the bat you may need to either adjust your distance, age, or both. If they still don't come up this might just be a spam profile.
  2. On a site like POF currently you can still check out nearby prospects, but you may not necessarily see all of the profiles available in your area. You can use the Meet Me section here and swipe right just like you did on the other websites. You can even go one step further by checking the bell icon in the top left to see what profile specifically liked you. You'll be able to see the name and profile pic of the person who showed interest, and then you can swipe through the recommended until you find them.
  3. Some sites like Bumble and Tinder will offer the option for you to link your social media accounts and make you a verified user. This could help you get a little more attention that way potential matches know that you are 100% a real person.
  4. Before considering a paid membership always be sure to check out both the nearby and online prospects. On sites like Match you can actually adjust the search filter to see who's currently online. That way when you're searching through their catalog you know how many of those men or women have actually looked at the site recently.
    1. For match be advised that there is NOT an indicator for whether someone is a member or not. If they aren't a member then they won't be able to read your messages if you send them one. There is a feature that will allow you to enable a conversation w/ such a user, but you have to reach out first.
That's what I've gleaned from using online dating for the past couple years. If you have any tips of your own I'd love to hear them.
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2020.09.29 01:01 NaturalFine Our story (long post)

Since today's storytime apparently, here's mine:
Once upon a time, a 24 yo woman met a 33 almost 34 yo man. What they didn't know about each other came out after a few weeks of dating- she had tried swinging with an ex a few years prior and he had been swinging for a few years with his ex. Once this revelation came to light, they decided to try swinging together.
It was fun the first year or so. They didn't really do partner swaps as it's difficult to find a 100% compatible couple, so they stuck to parties and clubs. It's natural to become friends with the other couples and singles in the lifestyle, so those developed over time. But, comes with that is drama when people break up and such. During this time, social media was becoming increasingly popular, and with it social discord amongst friends when they realized their politics didn't align, the drama only increased. Also, she started to feel like she was taking one for the team as she didn't really find most of the men attractive. After getting married and deciding to have kids, the couple ended their swinging days after seven years of active participation.
Fast forward six years. Little sex during these six years because kids. Her cycle was increasingly off and decided to go back on birth control to regulate it, a progesterone only tablet. She can't say for sure that's what did it, but God damn, her sex drive came back with a vengeance. She started becoming sexually interested in a colleague and cheating was crossing her mind some. Luckily, the sex life with the husband started to increase so her physical needs were being met, as were his again. They were also talking about money and saving for various things, so one night after having sex, she brought up the idea of posting videos to bring in a little extra cash. The videos were (are) popular, with commenters saying how they wanted to see her with other men. This opened the door to discuss her desire to be with other men (again). After some talk boom, they had an open marriage.
She finally created a Tinder account in January 2020 and talked to a few guys, but never met any of them but one, and even then he was six months after the fact. In February 2020, she went on a business trip and slept with two men... separately of course. Husband was over the moon, he loved her stories about it. But then Covid hit, and rather than try to meet people, she deactivated her Tinder account.
Come May, stuff started to open up again. One night during sex she mentioned to her husband (again) that he should go out too. Apparently when she first brought up the open marriage and told him to go out, he didn't believe her that it was okay for him to go out. But he finally believed her and started putting up profiles. He had pretty quick success, but she had no idea that he had in fact put up profiles and was actively looking, so she was taken by surprise when he declared one night he was going out in an hour. She felt some pang, envy? Jealousy? She got over it by the next morning though and joined the same app he was on. A few weeks later she reactivated her Tinder account too. After lots of chatting, false starts (see one of my first posts), she finally had two successful dates! Then some more non-starters (see another post), where she had to learn about herself, her insecurities about herself, and how to manage her emotions and not let the guys who just want the "yes" to a date but then ghost before even having a date not get her down.
The husband also had some of his own learning experiences, learning the most successful method of securing dates and what he truly wants; for him, he really just wants two men (him being one of the men) on her. So, at one point when he was seeking partners, he was going out a bunch, which inhibited her ability to go out. He realized this wasn't what he wanted, he wanted her to go out and have fun and by hindering the schedule she couldn't, then a recent threesome cemented the threesomes desire. She still very much prefers dating since it allows her greater access to men and control over her partners which swinging did not provide, but also wants to and enjoys indulging her husband's wants.
All of this has continually improved their sex life and communication. She feels more comfortable saying what she does and doesn't want, and he's learned to be a better listener which makes for everyone to be happier.
If I can give you a takeaway: no two stories are going to be alike. How me and my husband stepped into this is going to be different than how anyone else will. We have a history from early on of ethical non-monogamy with each other and former partners, and neither of us are the jealous types. Happiness for the other is paramount, obviously some selfish intentions exist, but being happy when your partner is excited for a new person or had a good date is very important. If you can't feel that way or don't that way after trying, this lifestyle is unlikely to work for you. As for finding partners, what works for us may not work for you. The apps we have found success with others haven't, and vice versa. There is no one size fits all method to this, so you will have a lot of starts and stops, frustrations and jubilations along the way. You just need to use each and every moment as a learning lesson to learn about yourself and your partner.
We also have minimal rules. He doesn't impose any on me, whereas my limit is him taking women to swinger parties (he's met a couple women interested in the lifestyle, but I remember what my own perceptions were of that stuff when I saw it in the lifestyle, so I am not boogie on it). Otherwise, it's fair game. But, again, this is our own journey and what works for us may not work for the next couple. When it comes to the people we talk to, we tend not to mention much about the people we are chatting with to each other until it gets to the point we are going to meet them. Even then, I don't say too much personally, but that's just me.
I think that about covers it! I've had a lot of questions over the past several months, and apologies to those I don't always finish conversations with, I'm super distractible!
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2020.09.29 01:00 takemyhanddreamer My bf wants to work on his social skills by making an account on Bumble

So like the title suggests, my bf(26) wants to make a profile on Bumble (which is an app for dating/business stuff/friendships) which I do not like. He doesn’t understand my “why”. And I told him I don’t have problems with meeting people during his sports/work/meetups etc but I think going on Bumble goes a bit too far if you are in a monogamous relationship..
Am I overreacting or can you agree that it’s not very okay-ish? He makes it really hard for me to trust him. He follows every women back on IG, even without him knowing them, and when they are half nude on their photos. I asked him why he is so interested in “other women”. He replies with “nothing, just curious, you are enough for me”.. sigh
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2020.09.28 23:06 TheLoneLagoon I’m A 32 Year Old Virgin and Lesbian Who Has Never Dated or Been In A Relationship

What’s wrong with me???
I’ve been on some dating apps. An app called “HER” and Tinder and Bumble Date.
I will match with other women and we will talk back and forth but it never goes anywhere. I’ve met up with someone from one of these apps but I’m not even sure if it was a date. She started acting weird with me by psycho analyzing my mannerisms so I blocked her.
I had on my Tinder account that I only wanted to match with people who were able to video chat or meet in person. Then this girl messages me on Instagram saying that she saw my Tinder profile and that we should have phone sex so we did which I’m shocked that I actually did. I’ve had phone sex twice before too as practice but I haven’t had any experience beyond that
I ask myself how I even got here.
A part of it is that I just recently (in the last two years) came out and was still coming to terms with being a lesbian. Then it was being over 30 without never having dated or had a girlfriend. I didn’t know where to start.
I never went through a phase where I had a boyfriend or crushes on boys while In school. I’ve always known I’ve liked girls but due to my religious upbringing, was too fearful to act on it.
So here I am and all I have going for me is my career. I’ve traveled to almost every continent which makes me happy but I need someone to call my lover.
I’m tired of matching with women on these apps and it not go anywhere. I don’t feel normal. I feel like some circus freak. I feel embarrassed.
Now I’m not innocent. I have a sex toy collection but I want to have real romance and dating experience. I one day want a family of my own. I want a wife and kids. How can I have that by being a 32 year old weirdo who has never been on a real date or had real sex?
What should I do? Where should I start?
I moved earlier this year cross country and don’t have any friends at the moment and my family is back cross country.
I feel so alone in pursuit of trying to find someone.
I’m working on improving my look by going to the gym to be healthier and improve my confidence. I get matches on these apps but I just find that they are just faces on my queue.
I’m tired of one worded responses, no actual plans to meet, and being back to square one.
I’m tired of being a virgin. I’m tired of seeing everyone but me get engaged and married. All of my high school peeps are married now and here I am alone.
Yea I have a nice career and travel extensively and have a nice place but what’s all that to just be alone?!! I’m not getting any younger. These are my prime years and I’m wasting them by not having any dating or sex experience.
I really need some advice and could use some encouragement. I need to know that the life I’m living today isn’t how life will be forever. I need to know that there is hope and that things will get better and I will meet someone with enough effort but damnit I can’t see past my circumstances at times.
No one should feel like this. I don’t wish this state of loneliness on anyone.
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2020.09.28 22:15 lilpizzapocket Dating Profile Translations and jokes, a field guide and PSA.

Contribute anything from your experience lmao! Inspired by another post here about the guy who told on himself. This applies to men AND women!
*most “jokes” are truth in disguise, they are testing your tolerance to see what you’re willing to accept. This includes “dark humor”, “sarcasm”, putting you down, putting themselves down, etc. (AKA telling on themselves/trash taking itself out.)
They won’t change, don’t hope it’s “just a joke”. You should still take them seriously and take them as they are, call them out if you want to see them fumble. If you’re not laughing with them, it’s not a joke.
People will always tell you who they are, so listen! They are always purposely/subconsciously dropping hints to see if you’re ok with their behaviour.
Why? Because people are desperate to be known, understood and appreciated. They leave hints, they WANT you to know them. We all do it, so best to watch what you reveal as well.
If they tell you who they are, (edit: or accuse others of what they are.) that’s what they want to be or are allowing themselves become.
This is why we never do self deprecation or put ourselves down. Don’t make yourself small to make others feel comfortable or more confident around you.
Here are some common ones!
  1. “I’m an empath. I’m empathetic.” T: I’m a “nice guy/girl.” My morals make me superior to everyone, but also I am a hypocrite.
“Empath” has somehow been twisted from “clairvoyant” to “I’m a nice guy/girl”. Beware, they are not using this word correctly and do not know the definition of empath or empathy.
  1. “I’m an asshole. 😉” T: I am socially awkward, have little self awareness and allow myself to be an asshole because I think it’s cool.
  2. “I hate cats.” (Not “I’m not a cat person” it’s a hate for cats.) T: I have no concept or respect for boundaries, not even my own. I am controlling. I seek immediate gratification and convenient relationships.
  3. -Zodiac sign or MBTI in profile- T: (especially if they talk about it) This is a part of my identity, and I like the sound of it. I am allowing myself to be like this group/stereotype.
  4. “You’ll be the better looking one.” T: You must be better looking than me to date me.
  5. -anything misogynistic- T: I blame other people for my failures as a human being and refuse to take responsibility for myself and actions. (See 1.)
  6. Mentions “six figures”, name/brand drops, or flexes on you for no reason. (Not the same as being proud or having accomplishments) T: I have an inferiority complex and I need to remind you I am superior to you. I will constantly flex on you to remind you I’m better than you. I need power because I feel powerless.
  7. “I value intelligence and logic.” T: Everyone who thinks differently than me is stupid. I have little personal growth as a human being and happen to be a “unmotivated genius” tyvm.
  8. “Girls are drama, I’m only friends with men.” T: I am drama, I’m socially awkward and no girl will put up with my shit. Boys are nice to me for my personality(tits)!
  9. “Spontaneous” T: Let me waste and disrespect your time at my beck and call.
That’s all for now 😂
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2020.09.28 21:04 Tripplea3 Don't get your head down if someone ghosted you

It's a fairly common occurrence on dating apps, not just Muslim ones. We've all heard of it. You message and give interest only for the other person to act like you were invisible.
A lot of men get down about this, women too of course but as most of the advances are by men due to gender roles, it's usually men. And I just wanted to lay out some advice.
I got ghosted here and there but I always feel somewhat happy after. First of all, never advance too... eagerly, keep it distant, a bit cool and low key, sometimes I'll even throw in a, 'if you're looking for something else, that's totally cool too' just to totally evade any potential ghosting because it shows you don't care too much.

But yeah, I feel happy because. First of all, I am a very nice person (or like to think so), I have a lot of positivity and hence energy so in life in general, I always respond, I am always courteous, I always follow up on things most people would just let go and forget or ignore when life gets too hectic.
So when I get ghosted, all I really see is someone whose inner life/emotional well being/life energy is so weak that they can't summon up enough energy and honesty to write 'Sorry I am looking for something else'. As people we can't see other peoples emotions and feelings and state of mind in real life let alone over an application - and people forget that a lot of people have stressful lives, or in a state of stress, or a state of anxiety, or inadequacy, low confidence, depression etc etc, and they just DO NOT have the energy to be honest, straight forward, courteous enough to take 5 seconds to write something like 'thank you for the interest but no thank you'. So don't take it to heart, it just means you dodged low quality profiles. It's actually a really good screening method if you'd like to think of it that way.

All the above can be ignored if your messages are something along the lines of 'hey, wanna meet up ;) ;)' or 'I like you, let's get married next week' and then get ghosted.
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2020.09.28 19:43 mythrowawayrev I found out today how easy it is to become "That Guy"

Background: I am a mid 20s man who has tried online dating in my local area with zero success. I don't feel that I am in attractive at all just a little over weight which is getting better everyday.
I've been alone for a long time and I have been seeking some companionship. I tried to make a relationship or two in college work but they did not work out for very understandable reasons. When I got out and got a job I decide to try online dating seeing as my profession and area led to very little opportunities. I went in with a little confidence and the thought as long as I am not "that guy" who is creepy, send dick pics, or yells at women I should be fine. All the apps and websites and whatever led to nothing. Well not nothing some conversation that at best last 2 days and date that I was stood up for.
After a month or two I proverbially took a breath and reevaluated. I decided to widen my circle. I thought to myself "my profession means I could move around the country on my whim so I could do Long Distance and maybe that could work. So I looked back to reddit and I found the r4r and other associated subreddits. I used those for a while. With somewhat even worse results. Again ghosting and being ignored but just the occasional message of like "lol no" "not attractive" or other dismissive messages.
I tried to remain positive but it got harder and harder. Months of this. Months of limited positive interactions and mountains of the negative. I tried to keep my cool during all this but that was an rope I was reaching then end of pretty fast. Looking back my I can see attitude was changing. I would begin shout out (not to them just to my room wall) when I got a dismissive message rather than just ignoring and moving on. I began to linger on ghosted conversations wonder what I did wrong. Why was this happening to me? I could tell it was hurting me but I rationalized I had to keep going. I don't want to miss the moment I should have reached out to someone. I began to get more and more upset at what I was starting to consider arbitrary requirements. Oh you are my age and seem to match my interests perfectly but you only want to meet men in their mid 30sor 40s. Bet she's a gold digger. These were thoughts that I didn't used to have but were becoming common. The idea of being preselected for like this was starting to make me bitter. Even though I do it myself in my own ways it wasn't fair in my mind. I don't know why it just wasn't. Add that toxic thought to the mix. But I had to keep going push the bitterness down and keep trying.
Then it happened one day and fate would have it it was on night of one of my friend bachelor parties (I was one of two single guys there). A real connection. Me and a woman began to actually talk. We sent paragraphs back and forth and really actually talked. She would bring up new conversation points and asked me personal questions without me having to do all the legwork for the conversation. It wasn't the longest conversation but it was the most meaningful one I have had in a long time. It was great. It was a light at the end of a very long and very dark tunnel. But then nothing. For 1 then 2 then 3 days and what would become a full week I got no replies. My own insecurities began to mount. What did I do? Did I say something wrong? I reread my last message a hundred time to see what I could have done wrong. I sent a probing message 4 days into radio silence (there had be a message delivery problem before.) Nothing.
On the 7th day I woke up and I had one of those dreams that have been becoming more and more common for me. One where I have a partner and we are doing something common. Watching a movie or cooking dinner together. Those sort of things. It just feels nice. I always wake up from those feeling sad that it wasn't real. I check reddit to see if she replied. Nope. For a while I had been telling myself that this time would be different. This was the one that may work out to be more. Maybe she was just busy. I happened to click on her profile and noticed she had made another ad post about 3 hours early. People were commenting on it and she was replying to them.
In that one moment all my frustration, anger, and sadness that I usually try to keep contained came up to the surface. I have always tried to live by my father's teaching "A good man understands he can not control how he is treated by other people but he can control how he treats other people." In that moment those words fell onto deaf ears. I know that I am not owed her attention or responses but almost a year of frustration and negativity had taken its toll on me and my mental health.
I wrote a message to her. Asked why she had ghosted me. Why had she wasted my time when she said that she respected it? Why had she built up my hope only to tear it down. Why she did this just why? I did not call her a whore or anything like that just more a vent of the questions I want to ask every girl that ghosted me. I sent it and I have to admit it did feel good. It felt good to vent out my frustration. I then went about my day. Late that night rolls around and she responded.
To keep it short she said that she probably should have said something about the long delays because she was moving. She did not appreciate me trying to make her feel bad for not responding. I should have had been patient and understand she would not be on reddit 24/7 az she would have granted me the same courtesy. She also said she didn't like my passive aggressiveness and was glad that she could see the kind of man I was now rather than later.
That last part really hurt I will probably never forget those words. I had never thought I would become that person. I realized only then I had changed. I sent an apology and we talk just a little more. She said how she can understand that her making a new post would make it seem like she wasn't interested but she believed that they way were talking was enough to show her interest. She also said that my frustration was no excuse to lash out at her. I agreed and wished her well.
I then sat in the corner of my room and cried for a while. Both because I ruined the closest chance to success I had in a long time and because I realized what I was becoming. Jaded, bitter, angry. The idea haunts me that I could start doing things more hurtful than what I did. I had become my own worst enemy.
I understand now why some men act the way they do. I don't condone it but by god I understand it. I understand why men will lash out in these dating scenarios. It's hard to stay positive. It's hard to keep smiling and nodding at every rejection. It's hard to keep all that frustration contained. It can become easy for the outlet of that frustration to be the women you are talking to. It can feel good to vent your anger out after bottling it up for so long.
I look back and I didn't used to be this man. I was happier, more confident, and hopeful. Now I don't know. I thought I was good person but now Im not sure. These thoughts aren't going away I'm just aware of them. I also don't feel like I want to stop trying Online Dating. I just feel I am going to miss my chance if I do. Anyway if you read this thanks. I just needed to put thoughts down somewhere.
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2020.09.28 18:13 partypastor Unreached People Group of the Week - Manihar of India

Welcome back to our UPG of the week posts! Meet the Manihar in India!
How Unreached Are They?
The Manihar are 0.00% Christian. That means at best there are a handful of believers among the 562,000 of them.
There is a completed Bible in their language.
What are they like?
Typical qualification that all people groups can't be summed up in small paragraphs and this is an over generalization.
The business of making and selling of bangles has long been the livelihood of Manihar communities. Due to the limited availability of elephant tusks for ivory, many bangles and beads now are manufactured in plastics. Today some Manihar take other jobs including tailoring. The literacy rate among the Manihar tends to be low. They speak primary Nepali and use Urdu and Bhojpuri in Nepal and mainly Urdu and Hindi in India. They are Sunni Muslims and tend to share foods with other Muslim families but traditionally do not allow marriage outside their community. Siddiqi can be a common surname. Joshua Project
The Manihar are mostly engaged in their traditional business of making and selling glass and lac bangles known locally as churi or chuda. Alongside these standard wares, some of them also sell goods like cosmetics, tikli (forehead jewelry) and sealing wax. Theirs is a cottage industry, both men and women working together in their homes from where they sell directly to customers and to local shopkeepers. Some own small factories.
They are highly skilled at making bangles, creating intricate designs, of every color, shapes and sizes. In Gujarat, the Manihar used to make bangles from ivory, but due to international bans on elephant tusks they now make the ornately carved bangles from plastic as well as glass. Some of the Manihar, such as those in Uttar Pradesh have taken up tailoring as an occupation while some are self-employed as rickshaw drivers, poultry farmers, and vegetable sellers. A few of them are government employees while others are wage labourers. There are a few businessmen and office workers among them.
The Manihar are strictly prohibited from eating pork by their Islamic faith. Their staple food includes wheat, millet and rice, supplemented by lentils, vegetables and occasional seasonal fruit. They drink milk and dairy products but do not have alcohol or opium. Use of tobacco products like zarda (flavoured chewing tobacco), bidi (rolled tendu leaves) and paan (betel) is common among them. Fine vermicelli cooked in rich, sweetened milk is the traditional sweet served on festive occasions like the termination of the forty-day fast.
The Manihar do send their children, mostly boys, to school. Some may reach college level. Daughters finish at primary school due to socio-economic reasons. The literacy levels of some states like Gujarat, is very low. People Groups of India
History Lesson
The word Manihar is derived from Man, meaning jewel in Urdu, and the agentive sufix har. Their traditional Landlords and merchants are also known as saudagar, this word being derived from they claims descent from the first Caliph of Islam, Abu Bakr, and as such are sub-group of the Siddiqui Manihar community. Wikipedia
They migrated from the Sindh region of Pakistan about two hundred years ago. People Groups of India
What do they believe?
The Manihar are 100% Muslim.
How can we pray for them?
Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. (Romans 10:1)
Here are the previous weeks threads on the UPG of the Week for Reformed
People Group Country Date Posted Beliefs
Manihar India 09/28/2020 Islam
Tianba China 09/21/2020 Animism
Arab Qatar 09/14/2020 Islam
Turkmen Turkmenistan 08/31/2020 Islam
Lyuli Uzbekistan 08/24/2020 Islam
Kyrgyz Kyrgyzstan 08/17/2020 Islam*
Yakut Russia 08/10/2020 Animism*
Northern Katang Laos 08/03/2020 Animism
Uyghur Kazakhstan 07/27/2020 Islam
Syrian (Levant Arabs) Syria 07/20/2020 Islam
Teda Chad 07/06/2020 Islam
Kotokoli Togo 06/28/2020 Islam
Hobyot Oman 06/22/2020 Islam
Moor Sri Lanka 06/15/2020 Islam
Shaikh Bangladesh 06/08/2020 Islam
Khalka Mongols Mongolia 06/01/2020 Animism
Comorian France 05/18/2020 Islam
Bedouin Jordan 05/11/2020 Islam
Muslim Thai Thailand 05/04/2020 Islam
Nubian Uganda 04/27/2020 Islam
Kraol Cambodia 04/20/2020 Animism
Tay Vietnam 04/13/2020 Animism
Yoruk Turkey 04/06/2020 Islam
Xiaoliangshn Nosu China 03/30/2020 Animism
Jat (Muslim) Pakistan 03/23/2020 Islam
Beja Bedawi Egypt 03/16/2020 Islam
Tunisian Arabs Tunisia 03/09/2020 Islam
Yemeni Arab Yemen 03/02/2020 Islam
Bosniak Croatia 02/24/2020 Islam
Azerbaijani Georgia 02/17/2020 Islam
Zaza-Dimli Turkey 02/10/2020 Islam
Huichol Mexico 02/03/2020 Animism
Kampuchea Krom Cambodia 01/27/2020 Buddhism
Lao Krang Thailand 01/20/2020 Buddhism
Gilaki Iran 01/13/2020 Islam
Uyghurs China 01/01/2020 Islam
Israeli Jews Israel 12/18/2019 Judaism
Drukpa Bhutan 12/11/2019 Buddhism
Malay Malaysia 12/04/2019 Islam
Lisu (Reached People Group) China 11/27/2019 Christian
Dhobi India 11/20/2019 Hinduism
Burmese Myanmar 11/13/2019 Buddhism
Minyak Tibetans China 11/06/2019 Buddhism
Yazidi Iraq 10/30/2019 Animism*
Turks Turkey 10/23/2019 Islam
Kurds Syria 10/16/2019 Islam
Kalmyks Russia 10/09/2019 Buddhism
Luli Tajikistan 10/02/2019 Islam
Japanese Japan 09/25/2019 Shintoism
Urak Lawoi Thailand 09/18/2019 Animism
Kim Mun Vietnam 09/11/2019 Animism
Tai Lue Laos 09/04/2019 Bhuddism
Sundanese Indonesia 08/28/2019 Islam
Central Atlas Berbers Morocco 08/21/2019 Islam
Fulani Nigeria 08/14/2019 Islam
Sonar India 08/07/2019 Hinduism
Pattani Malay Thailand 08/02/2019 Islam
Thai Thailand 07/26/2019 Buddhism
Baloch Pakistan 07/19/2019 Islam
Alawite Syria 07/12/2019 Islam*
Huasa Cote d'Ivoire 06/28/2019 Islam
Chhetri Nepal 06/21/2019 Hinduism
Beja Sudan 06/14/2019 Islam
Yinou China 06/07/2019 Animism
Kazakh Kazakhstan 05/31/2019 Islam
Hui China 05/24/2019 Islam
Masalit Sudan 05/17/2019 Islam
As always, if you have experience in this country or with this people group, feel free to comment or PM me and I will happily edit it so that we can better pray for these peoples!
Here is a list of definitions in case you wonder what exactly I mean by words like "Unreached"
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2020.09.28 18:03 tryingmybest_101 The Three Ways to Meet Women: A Social Circle, Cold Approaches, and Dating Apps

These are really the main three way to meet women, and while I use all of them together, I believe that social circle can be the most overlooked and one of the biggest payoffs in the long run. Here is what each of the 3 entail:
1) Social Circle:
This is the where I have succeeded the most with women. Of the girls I have had sex or done anything with, the majority have come from this category. They have either been friends I have always been flirty with, girls I have been hanging out in a group with for a little, or someone I met through a good friend.
Why is this so powerful?
It automatically gives you an in and social proof. When you go up to a girl at a bar, you have to prove you are worth her time more than one of the other dudes who hit on her tonight. You are working from the ground up.
When her friend likes you or you have been hanging out for a while, she can see your value just from being around you or from her friend telling you. It gives you a leg up on any guy on "the outside."
All you have to do is talk to guys, girls, anyone who you find fun.
Your roommate's girlfriend may have some cute friends. If so, invite them out to the bar with y'all,
Your buddy may have another guy friend who is also into poker. Invite him to a game. Eventually he may introduce you to some of his girl friends.
That "ugly" girl that you were going to write off... don't. She could wind up being a good friend and introduce you to others girls.
Just keep meeting people and hanging out and keeping an active lifestyle. It makes you more interesting and gets you in with a lot of different girls. It is especially beneficial if you find yourself to be an average looking guy.
2) Cold Approach:
This one is a lot of fun, but tough. I have gotten some dates out of it and made out in some bars with cold approaches, but I haven't really succeeded here so far. This could definitely be just because I am not as good in this area, but I find it a hard one.
You have to keep the girl's attention. You have to prove to her in a short time you are worth her time. She has to be in the right mood.
Keep doing cold approaches! They are a lot of fun and good practice. I do them just to enjoy the night and talk to new people and get numbers, but this is an area where I am less successful unless the girl knows someone I do.
3) Dating Apps:
Dating apps are great because they are quick, low commitment, and can be done any waking hour of the day.
However, they can suck because it can be hard to get matches and girls have their pick of the litter.
I find as long as I go into low expectations with dating apps, they are a lot of fun. I finally brought a girl home after meeting her on a dating app a couple weeks ago. Keep your profile up to date and make sure it is A+ material. Don't get dejected from dating apps, as they are notoriously hard.
If you are an average or less than average looking guy, dating apps can be very hard. All a girl has to go off here is your looks and it is very easy to swipe left on anyone without you ever getting the chance to make her laugh or turn her on. Art of manliness has a great podcast on this that goes into a little of the science behind why meeting offline can be better.

TL;DR: Building a social circle is an overlooked, but easy way to get girls on dates and in bed (especially if you are an average looking guy). Keep meeting people and going out, and it will pay off like compound interest does.
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2020.09.28 17:42 IcySalad-21 I'm noticing that people don't like me

First post. Been lurking this sub for a few years now. I decided to post today because I’m tired and I feel useless. Background: male. late thirties now, never married, no kids. I have an engineering job that’s pretty demanding and it’s made me move around the country a lot (including a few times to another country).
At a young age, I’ve always wanted to be a relationship and eventually have kids (if my wife wanted). My issue, however, is that I can’t find someone that likes me back anymore. I don’t understand why. I’ve been getting rejected for the last 4 years now: my long-term girlfriend dumped me (because of disagreements about raising kids) and online dating women told me that they weren’t interested after the first date. The online dating rejection is fine, but, if I’m honest, it’s really hurt me and affected my confidence in myself and the way I look. I even starting to think that I’m one of those guys that’s meant to be alone; Even found myself saying that to my family.
So after an indefinite hiatus, I decided to try meet someone again. I joined online dating about two weeks ago and, yet again, I’m going through the conversations and asking for dates. Everything has been going fine there – no complains. However, I met someone outside of that medium at a cornoa safe event last week. I normally don’t ask women out at such functions, but she really made me feel that she was interested (laughing at my stupid jokes, eye contact, etc ,etc). Moreover, she was texting me frequently to include emojis and questions. AWESOME, I thought. Last night, we had our first date and it went smoothly (laughs, jokes, great topics). This morning, however, she sent me a rejection text. I really liked her and I don’t understand why she didn’t like me back. I truly believed that we were hitting it off well, but this terrible cyclic pattern keeps happening in my life. I don’t understand why I’m not lovable when I have so much that I’d love to share. I feel like I should delete my online dating profile in order to save myself the eventual rejection. I don't think anyone will like me.
*EDIT* Thank you all for your words and advice. This situation (this recent rejection) is a new event in my life, but not an uncommon dating thing. I feel tons better now. Again, thank you.
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2020.09.28 17:09 dollarfella (M 22) How do I get more likes on some of these apps?

I put solid quality pictures. My profile picture I used for apps like tinder and okcupid is one a friend of mine that is a professional photographer took. I have friends less attractive then me getting likes easily and one of their pictures is just a corny picture of the guy with a pet. I don't know whats up. It's been like this for years. The only times I get likes are from women that are plus size (I'm bashing on them and attraction is subjection) but that is not my type. I usually swipe right on most women so its not like Im being picky or anything.
The two dating apps usually want you to pay to see your likes or to get more opportunities to swipe. However it doesn't make a difference anyway. What can I do to improve my situation? I need to figure this out.
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2020.09.28 16:33 Financial-Foot-654 I feel inadequate when compared to younger women and sometimes I wish I could just rip my face off

Im 31F and I just feel like my love life is going farther and farther away from me . I used to date someone(27M) when I was 27 and I loved him . I still do . I've never been in a relationship since him . I've only even gone on probably two dates after we broke up . He was amazing , he was kind , smart , funny , positive and well liked by everyone (not to mention super hot) . Everything was perfect except one . Our position on when to start a family . He wanted to start a family soon , he said he's been saving up money for a long time just for this . I wanted to wait until I finished my master's and PhD(Yes , I was planning on doing both ) and then wait until I paid off everything to start a family which I estimated would be around 35 . He has a much higher earning potential than me and wanted to start a family now before his job would take up more of his time.
We decided that neither of us were going to budge on our positions and decided to break up . It was an amicable one. I still miss him and think of him sometimes. I have been no contact since then so I had no idea what he was up to . Only a few weeks ago , I unblocked him and followed him on social media . I know it was a stupid thing to do . I was just feeling a little lonely because of the quarantine .
I followed him and my heart just burst . He's now engaged to a really beautiful woman and that just made me feel shitty . She was young (23) and I just felt so worthless . I cried all day . Wasn't necessarily because of him but I just went wrong somewhere? Now I don't regret my decision to pursue my master's but I just feel empty . He's moved on and going to get married to some young girl that I don't compare to . My girl friends all married a few years ago to great guys . Some guy friends(around my age) have also pretty much done the same . All have married or are in serious relationships with younger girls .
This one incident which happened around the start of this year really made me feel a little sad on the inside . I was hanging out with my guy friends and we were giving him tips on how to improve his online dating profile . He's around 32 and I saw his preferred age range which was around some 21/22 to 26 . I told him he'd get more matches if he expanded his age range and he just said "ew god no " . I'm pretty sure none of them thought about I'd felt when he said that as no one thought there was anything wrong with that statement .
This seems like just a big useless rant . No , I'm on hating on younger women . If I may say , yes , I guess I am a little jealous and I don't know what to do with those feelings .
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2020.09.28 15:43 turbopiratekitty 41 [M4F] London, UK. Autumn in the air. My favourite time of year.

Heya, thanks for checking me out. My picture is included. Taken a few weeks ago on a nice summers day.
I’m single, actually me, no kids. Never settled down with anyone and haven’t had a girlfriend for a while. Haven’t even dated for ages what with the whole waking-nightmare of 2020 and all that. What I have been doing all year, though.... well, I’ve played a lot of computer games, watched a lot of TV, and swiped on a lot of profiles. And eaten a lot of crisps!
I’m only looking for someone in the UK, and only for women (I get a lot of guys propositioning me, feel like I need to say that out loud apparently). Beyond that, I’m pretty open minded. As I said, I’m single. I live alone and don’t have anyone in my life, so I’d be happy to see what connections become what. I can let things be light and shallow (a counter-point to the emotional state of the year), or let things get enthusiastic and deeply connected. I’m not setting rules on what comes, as anything beats nothing right now!
I’m thoughtful, upbeat (mostly; again, see 2020 for terms and conditions), kind hearted and like to think I have a smart sense of humour. I like outdoors and cozy nights in. Nights on the town in the old days were fun, but let’s face it they are also expensive as well - so I’m not too fussed about losing out on those.
I’m playful, and I do have an actual living, breathing sex drive. And I am actually up for meeting people, not just making a long distance pen friend.
Say hi if all of this isn’t too weird, maybe? I’ve lost my sense of context. That’s not a symptom of COVID, right?
Edit: oh yeah, the bit about Autumn. I love this time of air as the air is so crisp, and sound seems to carry, and everything is changing. You can have warm sun-kissed days, and windy rainy days inside, and you can wrap up in layers and break out the nice coats and scarves. There’s an earthy smell that reminds us of the cycles of life and seasons. What’s not to love! :)
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2020.09.28 12:58 Dino_567 Does Tinder or online dating apps of that ilk work for everyone or does it change from country to country ??

I live in South East Asia. So the sex ratio is pretty skewed up when it comes to dating apps. It's almost 90 percent of men and women are 10 percent. There's a good amount of profile who promote their own Instagram page rather than wanting to use the app . It acts like a platform for them to use to add engagements and followers to their page rather than to swipe left or right.
I have been pretty skeptical of online dating. But after not getting to meet someone I thought of giving it a try. I used a few of them regularly like clockwork.Swiping right or left depending on the profile.After a few days, I didn't get a single match on the app's. I thought that it's either my profile is not good enough or I don't show up on the app when other users swipe.
Thankfully I had a friend. She was also using some online dating apps as well. I asked her if she's comfortable with showing me what pops up for her when she uses. When she opened the app . I was flabbergasted , all the profiles which showed up were of pretty damn attractive men and pictures which were perfectly taken. Then she showed me the profile of people with whom she matches with. She had close to 100 matches within a few days while I had zero after a month or so.
I didn't take it personally. I thought that I need to change my profile . I had someone help me out and provide some guidance and all . I changed my profile to something better than the last one. Then I thought that maybe it will change and all. I didn't swipe on women who looked damn pretty and attractive. But it didn't change , the same scenario no matches after a few months. I finally got frustrated and deleted them.
My self confidence and self esteem took a huge dive because I thought that no one finds me attractive or see me as someone whom they can date. It didn't help that my friends were getting matches and going on dates. Ultimately this kinda of fucked me over because I didn't understand what others have that I don't. I got to a point thinking that dating people is like a club where I can't enter .
I got to thinking that does Tinder and other apps work for a select few or is it like because tinder and other apps have a skewed gender ratio, it's pretty difficult to get matches in my country ??
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2020.09.28 12:55 Dino_567 Does Tinder or online dating apps like that work for everyone ??

I live in South East Asia. So the sex ratio is pretty skewed up when it comes to dating apps. It's almost 90 percent of men and women are 10 percent. There's a good amount of profile who promote their own Instagram page rather than wanting to use the app . It acts like a platform for them to use to add engagements and followers to their page rather than to swipe left or right.
I have been pretty skeptical of online dating. But after not getting to meet someone I thought of giving it a try. I used a few of them regularly like clockwork.Swiping right or left depending on the profile.After a few days, I didn't get a single match on the app's. I thought that it's either my profile is not good enough or I don't show up on the app when other users swipe.
Thankfully I had a friend. She was also using some online dating apps as well. I asked her if she's comfortable with showing me what pops up for her when she uses tinder. When she opened the app . I was flabbergasted , all the profiles which showed up were of pretty damn attractive men and pictures which were perfectly taken. Then she showed me the profile of people with whom she matches with. She had close to 100 matches within a few days while I had zero after a month or so.
I didn't take it personally. I thought that I need to change my profile . I had someone help me out and provide some guidance and all . I changed my profile to something better than the last one. Then I thought that maybe it will change and all. I didn't swipe on women who looked damn pretty and attractive. But it was the same scenario no matches after a few months. I finally got frustrated and deleted them.
My self confidence and self esteem took a huge dive because I thought that no one finds me attractive or see me as someone whom they can date. It didn't help that my friends were getting matches and going on dates. Ultimately this kinda of fucked me over because I didn't understand what others have that I don't. I got to a point thinking that dating people is like a club where I can't enter .
I got to thinking that does Tinder and other apps work for a select few or is it like because tinder and other apps have a skewed gender ratio in my country , it's pretty difficult to get matches for men ??
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2020.09.28 10:00 ScrappyMasseur I don't know how to get out...

Me (34M) and my girlfriend (40F) have been dating on and off for about 5 years now. Normally, I avoid sharing my feelings, especially as a male, with my friends and family as I don't like causing drama, but I'm at the point right now where I need help...
I'm ashamed and embarrassed because of how pathetic and low I've become, but I'm going to be honest and admit my faults right now.
About 2 years ago, we got into another argument at a restaurant because of a disagreement. I got into the car, waited, and she wouldn't get in... I drove off. We didn't talk to each other for a few months and thought we had broken up. I had no intention of ever talking to her again.
After, I dated another girl. And about 6 months into the relationship, she said that she was getting unknown phone calls on a daily basis, and "felt" as if someone was stalking her. I know this was a stupid move, but I got back with my girlfriend because I did not want her to harm/stalk her.
Fast forward until now, I feel like every day I am being punished by my girlfriend for making that decision I did that day. I am not attracted to her in any way, shape, or form as I believe that she is one of the most manipulative women I have ever met and will do "anything" to get what she wants.
Currently, she owns a nail salon business and has been running it since we first met. In the beginning, when I had heard her traumatic past health story, I was drawn to helping her make this business succeed. It provided a sense of purpose for me.
But right now, all I do is just favors for her. It includes mopping floors, taking out the trash, driving her to Costco, filling up the gas, buying her food and so on. This doesn't feel like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship; it feels more like an employeemployee relationship, yet she still regards me as her boyfriend...?
I know this is getting long, but I want to sum it up with what happened recently. A few months ago, she said the only way I could get out of the relationship was if I found her a "rich, white husband." So yesterday, I spend close to my last $100 on Match.com and created a profile for her, because I am desperate to get out.
I thought I was doing a good job because a banker was interested in her profile. When I told her this, she yelled at me saying I was on Match.com to "cheat" on her again. Then she said to hand over the account name/password so she can be the one who messages the guys, and also that she no longer wants me to do this she just wants me to focus 100% in marketing for the business.
Then and there, I told her I wanted to move on from the relationship. She said I don't get that privilege and that only when the business is successful, then she will tell me I can move on. She has repeatedly gone to my house and honked the horn as a way for me to listen to her and obey her commands.
I tried calling 911. After the dispatcher told me to file a restraining order, she continued to harass me and said if I ever do that again, she would make my life worse than it already is.
No matter what I do or say, I cannot logically win any argument with her and usually resorts to some bogus threat that she intends to do to me such as having to pay her money back for borrowing things I don't even remember. Nothing makes sense when I'm talking to her and somehow, usually I'm the one at fault at the end of it.
I feel like if I do leave, she will do everything in her power to get revenge, even at the cost of her life because she is that level of crazy. She works within 15 minutes of me and knows where I live. I don't have the financial means to move somewhere else.
And because I watch this show so much, sometimes it's easier for me to stay in the relationship, because I don't want to end up on Dateline one day.
I'm just so drained right now that I don't know what to do. I don't want to fight, because I try to avoid violence; yet, I just... don't want to live... no that's too much. I just give up and follow orders in hopes that she will be happy one day and let me go in peace.
I wish to be single again. And start over. I'm about to apply to acupuncture school in a week and this is the last thing I want to think about. My thoughts are all in a blur... Do I need someone's permission to break up with them? Does it take the consent of 2 people? Should I try to reason with her and talk about a plan or something?
I don't know... maybe I deserve this as karma or something for hurting her in the past...
Hoping to get objective feedback from other men who might have gone through something similar and maybe also from a female's perspective. Thank you for reading.
TL; DR - In an abusive relationship as a male, about to apply to master's degree program in a week, can't focus, and don't know how to deal with this situation.
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2020.09.28 05:09 CountingDownTheDays5 Here is some advice for women to be as safe as possible when it comes to online dating (OLD).

I just left a post where women said that upon rejecting a male he became violent, aggressive, and verbally attacked them. With more traffic coming to OLD it can be dangerous, remember more traffic also means more creeps. OLD can be extremely dangerous for women, and I wanted to give out some safety tips for women. So here is some advice for you all:

Ladies you can add other safety tips below. Men please do not come on this post trying to start a disagreement, I am simply trying to help women stay out of harms way. I wish someone would have gave me these safety tips.
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2020.09.28 04:44 MannyTrejo 'Which media would you consider a life-changing experience?'

Originally inspired by a Reddit thread regarding media and how it changed our lives, I invite anyone interested in sharing that which caused them reflection or provided lessons that later proved relevant to do the same. I since expanded that far beyond the limitations of Reddit comments here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/manuel-ignacio-mier-aguirre/which-media-would-you-consider-a-life-changing-experience/129415288891059/
"Lest I forget to mention my own failure from following the same route despite The Wall by Pink Floyd being one of the pieces of audiovisual media I’ve most watched throughout my lifetime. My younger brother had perhaps already built The Wall within himself, by his own failures whether born from his use of worse substances than any I’d dare ever consume during our adolescence, or facing other trials lacking my or another’s wisdom I neglected to share distracted by other substances and my own failures to retreat and regroup effectively to tackle the problem I’d faced after being denied so many other paths I’d have chosen before the one I’m on. For months he’d pestered me with radical propaganda and politically-sensitive philosophy over topics I’d already come to terms with, and I left that vector of intrusion open feeling concern for his plight and worry, yet after a former amorous connection from abroad offered we meet in Spain, he revealed my folly for trusting in him and his true intention. Immediately after she had so offered we might meet, I was faced with threats by my brother and friends of his intimidating me, attempting to coerce me into accepting Catholicism with claims of violence should I not, falsely accusing me of being guilty of sin worthy of such punishment which left me perplexed.
Confused at the true source of the attack, the disrespect against me caused me to lose my respect usually shown to just about everyone else hoping to incite reprisal from the source, and I do apologize for any offenses made as brick by brick I built The Wall. And just as I built The Wall despite consuming that media many a time, another book I was reading at the time, Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon held the answer for the paranoia I'd came to suffer upon detecting Maoism to be the potential source yet lacking knowledge of Maoist movements beyond Chairman Mao Zedong's history in China, “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.” And so, though I still disagree with some actions taken, yet have come to understand better why and decided to simply not even worry about them, only concerned the same doesn't repeat itself here against good people like myself, I do apologize for any offense to the states of China and Russia, and others closer-by but not former President Calderone, because fuck you I’m not going to die in a revolution for your rightwing Catholic oligarchy against leftist Catholic oligarchs, but I’m above the idea of bothering to waste my time dealing with you. You'll get your apology for my public denouncement of your foolish words, whether read by you or any of yours or not, when you rescind them apologetically for your desire to see violence while remaining safely away from it, or when you cross that border to be the point of the lance rifle in your own Catholic hands, where I would perhaps follow you if only out of curiosity to how this turn of events concludes, since already two American military veterans I believe better men than you have been jailed in Venezuela for one of your two desired revolutions. But if things fall to that state anyway, show us if you felt even a mote of that which did help form my soul as I lived in the United States living safely as a citizen of Texas, where I was kicked out just shy of graduating high school as I'd begun cardio training to meet USMC physical requirements eager to help fight religious extremism, deported despite having committed no crime myself, the only minor act of vandalism and offending a friend as a 13 year old dealing with emotional turmoil over new found desires leading me to egg an ex-girlfriend's house, issues I've long matured from since. Please, be our revolutionary George Washington to lead us across a Delaware that never freezes to sneak up on the paramilitary privateers. And I'd accept your apology, since 2020 and the pandemic has left many of us feeling our worlds become smaller and turned irater for it, some with too much time to think, others left to deal with the stress of keeping society running for the rest. Knowing the true enemy likely to be local organized crime, since even some IP addresses that attempted to penetrate some of my accounts purportedly from those nations may have actually been masked by a proxy. just like a virus the June of 2019 which left me having to reformat 2 hard drives and a few USB sticks had changed my browser language to Russian. Not only that, but immediately following my report online to an internationally active police agency my Twitch stream was restreamed to one with a name hostile to law enforcement I reported upon discovery, as an attempt to commit something akin to Swatting against me. Yet I'll withhold from claiming academic, private, or state collusion with organized mafiosos with cyber-crime capabilities akin to the Cali Cartel that succeeded the Medellin Cartel of Columbia, more successful for their more subtle manipulation and corruption of public or private officials compared to the previous cartel's foolishly brazen suppression turned outright war to maintain control, I learned another potential true enemy aside from organized crime I’d always defied and neglected to join despite my minor irregular moderate drug use was French Maoism of the cause the leader was claimed to represent by his peons, but not the nation of France, for French Maoists have also been involved with religious extremism and Maoist terrorism in India and have been deported from India for colluding with violent radical groups, or perhaps both of us as leftists were just turned against each other for looking upon the other through a scanner darkly, and not seeing eye to eye to converse over the same worries.
For even that same amorous connection I came to blame, to accuse with thoughts born of paranoia, to claim her in-collusion with Cambridge Analytica, the case closing up the same month she offered we meet, to claim her the Spanish, to have selected to influence a man into pacifism against soft imperialism through his favorite book, a historical fiction and science fiction novel, after noticing his household’s peculiar Amazon book orders. To claim her nation, among the highest consumers of Latin American cocaine, which she shuns as she does all drug use, yet claiming her through that exchange to be but in-collusion to England’s latest mind control plot after having Cambridge Analytica and its ploys to manipulate public perception through social media and psychological profiling facilitated by artificial intelligence shut down. A scheme reminiscent of England’s control over Chinese slave labor in the 1800’s, where the East India Company would impose opium addiction upon Chinese workers then offer to only pay them with opium and not any currency for their hard labor, but inversed, to better control the flow of cocaine even given to race dog Great Danes yet claiming the source guilty of that few among their populace buy gratuitously. To claim like when the Jews were thrust just having faced the horrors of the Holocaust into their ancestral birth lands to face enemies Great Britain had angered leaving them advisors and equipment left over from the Second World War to make of a colony they could hardly defend themselves, a potential ally should they survive, which they did yet I'll not be twisted against enemies deceived into thinking me 'the rich,' not look upon you so kindly should I survive them in a manner so valiantly to be like Israel continues to stand proudly today. Knowing my fate then would be more like Alan Turing's, a homosexual man vital to the war effort against Third Reich Germany for being a grand mathematician, to be chemically castrated after I'd stopped being useful same as she no longer invited me to share my physical desire for her and hers immediately vanished when I lost my cool and became irate, no longer a source of tranquility for her and words of praise for her that would once leave a flustered woman telling me I should write romance novels. And so, a tribe from which the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth hailed, after over two thousand years of being run from place to place to take up whatever jobs were allowed to them, even chancing upon banking out of luck the Christians of Europe didn’t like math because it was hard and allowed the poorer among them to see harsher truths when analyzing the statistics, till finally they should take up the sword to defend their ancestral home and never again be run from anywhere; A warrior empire tribe along the Southwest coast of Mexico was coaxed into shedding the obsidian by the book inspired by the man Jesus Christ, or the many he represents impaled upon the cross, perhaps of the last ones unconquered, an Atheist of mixed race, to be pacified by only a more elaborate science fiction tale and love for a woman. Till she recanted such offer we meet finally after 7 years, and only recently could we reconcile, yet despite her insistence we remain friends, I did feel best we cut the cord so I may better move on, and only did plead she remain open to perhaps making another plan for Spain should I successfully progress from the current pit I’d been led into and allowed myself to be fooled into. Still I’m glad we could speak face to face to quell my paranoid fears, and to once-more blaspheme as she’d coaxed me into joining her in a chant of ‘Fuck God,’ now relieved that perhaps my worse fear of criminal mafia-state collusion to replace me in her life and the potential political and economic plans I had entertained for our relationship was perhaps excessive, lest it be proven true by exactly that happening, by a criminal or someone preferred by a criminal for their ignorance or silence seeing the same but knowing me being innocent of complicit complacency or action with crime being a risk since I’m also prone to pointing out other’s acts of violent or abusive crime against women and vulnerable people such as children and the mentally ill like myself.
And I forgave her as she revealed to me how powerless she’d felt to make me feel better, to calm me, to divert the topic as I remained ragefully fixated with a vindictive appetite, leading to her not communicating sooner out of fear I’d simply bite a hand that would once caress me again. And she forgave me, but wisely made clear it shall not be forgotten, properly since another act to a former lover nearby also caused that shock with reality and reflection I required to ease myself out of a self-indoctrination born out of my own psychological and philosophical knowledge fused with theology, not structured to a title, but ample enough to do such. When I, knowing the threat against my potentially demanded by a French Maoist, with no relation to Chinese Maoism as I’d learned, if it was indeed a Maoist and not a criminal using the name as a mask, since even FARC was a criminal organization despite noble leftist intent twisted towards violence for financing through drug sales, responded to a younger lover’s claims and desires to accept offers from a French man she’d met before to leave for France prior to finishing her preparatory education. Where I feared like many woman with their education disrupted here often are, she would be prostituted abroad, yet I neglected the fact the same crime is committed to others here in Mexico by Mexicans, not just foreigners, still her tears and angered accusations of me a Nazi and a patan after I’d answered to her it was her Patriotic duty to remain and finish at least her preparatory education caused me to reflect upon my value of Liberty, and that I shall not become a hypocrite, by denying another their liberty. Another book, The Life and Death of Socrates, reflected upon concerning this, where Socrates was made to commit suicide for espousing the societal values of religion yet denying the fantasy such supernatural beings exist leading to accusations of perverting the youth, I found myself in another similar position as an Atheist also espousing rule of law yet wishing for some minor changes to it, in a place where power has corrupted rule of law and institutions academic, private, and public at many levels in some places, despite the current administration’s efforts to cleanse this and make of Mexico a changed place, still ongoing some chancing upon the PRI’s collusion being revealed to take their place or so I believe, likely without the upper administration noticing nor allowing this yet the executive power that is the Mexican eagle and the institutions of police and military might has too often come to be ensnared by many coiled snakes about its talons as it struggles to snap at them with a tired beak one by one.
I've since fixed the security errors that made past cyber-attacks against me possible, fearing our personal data to have been intruded, to laugh off the attempts to brute force into my Outlook account knowing the attempts require a second device to authenticate log-on, after months spent seeding misleading details as a joke and hope to call the attention of more eyes to this direction, still the grandest joke remains one played upon myself, as many were acts of disrespect I'd not have committed if I'd known with clearer mind I'd still be around months later, and not enslaved an indoctrinated drone to poorly paid farm labor for the foreseeable future. Thinking myself so clever for claiming falsely to be a Nazi and adopting ideals from another National Socialist movement that founded a sovereign nation and its ascent to increased geopolitical influence, crafting a narrative born not just of conscious negation of another side to it, but also my perceptual barriers lacking sympathy to the Catholic church particularly when threatened by Catholic Extremists, till recently I shamefully learned that the Polish Catholics whom shared the Jews plight against the Nazis were more than few I'd known of, but to be in-actuality in at least the tens of thousands to have perished alongside other political dissidents in concentration camps in a manner I'd never allow repeated here, the number of official Polish Catholic clergy slain by the Nazis, aptly the same number as the year of my birth dated anno domini after the life of Christ, 1992. Still the only Abrahamic religion I'll accept, should an offer be enticing to join them, or I face such desperation potentially with another lapse of mental illness not wishing to return to my own tailored self-indoctrination since it just made me more enraged and insane designed to take advantage of recently onset psychosis to negate the possibility of someone else indoctrinating me into Christianity, shall be Judaism. Till then, I'll remain a Taoist, and a Humanist Atheist, with some ideals adopted from the Sikh and their belief that all Gods are real if only in how they affect the minds of my potential enemies should they not turn friends, or leave me be, and my own, perhaps will remain a Taoist Atheist till I die. I’ll never again make such stupid insensitive jokes till now uncharacteristic of me since maturing beyond adolescence, now that I’ve got my better mind mostly back despite some damage leaving me with a difficulty to focus on arithmetic and programming, I was making strides of progress previously unseen towards last year before all these events spiked my mental health problems that have been usually more subtle since preadolescence. My intent was to claim myself one to incite the group that threatened me to act on their claims, then reveal that eugenicists, as that cause claimed, even attempted to persuade me towards, are indeed Nazis.
Ha-ha, look, its Dr. Sun Yat-sen but with a 16 year old companion in a state 16 is age of consent compared to one of the real man of past history, however appropriate it was at that time and place and not now, and his 13 year old wife, its Adolf Hitler but not a hypocrite since his ultra-nationalism did not become corroded by racism, to be a defense for the rights of Mexicans of every color and religion, its Cobra Commander as a playful reference to a bisexuality and sexual experience yet to be entirely completed, the former I've had to abandon, preferring women where most places that would embrace it immediately find me with many men encroaching upon my space where I'd father few if any, preferably only those ruder, meaner, more muscular, and bearded much like myself. I prefer sexual fluidity theory, so I can lie to everyone and uninviting homosexuals claiming myself heterosexual, and perhaps reveal that to the right homosexual that could fulfill either my dreams of a Francis Bacon the painter's physically abusive relationship, knowing the violence just fantasy better treated, or an older guide and tutor much like Ancient Greek apprenticeship was to some young men, the penetration of knowledge connected to physical act, to be taken as I would a woman since male bodies don't excite my member yet I'd not shy from another's desires aided by a woman's presence or chemical assistance, and always a heterosexual to all women except to lesbians who'd know otherwise. Since it'd be temporary even if come to be a life-long friendship, my marriage if it is found, if this state deserves my seed, to be with a woman whose chosen me without ulterior influence same as I've chosen her, meeting by chance as I met my first love, an English-Australian woman and other lovers since. Luckily I found a better stance than LGBTQ flaming pride I still support, for them, regarding my own sexuality with sexual fluidity theory, when I dusted off the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' abandoned by the United States Military to be found by me at a Salvation Army like the many artefacts that adorned our family's first apartment and house in the United States. Ha-ha, look, its Diogenes de Sinope laughing his ass off at the many academics claiming him stupider because of their skewed perspective judging too harshly by the past to see that they want to see so they don't reflect upon their own sin, looking at irrelevant old documents, and through a scanner darkly. Snickering at the creatives claiming themselves original then proving otherwise for claiming my lack of originality where I don’t have to criticize them such, simply allowing them to put the label on their heads, while putting words in my mouth to safeguard their egos. Still, I do protect my ego excessively sometimes as well, but only because such systematic abuse makes it necessary, I’ll turn off the lantern when I’m confronted with honest men and women, and my disrespect was also because often the most honest men and women are those the rest would find armed and away from them to uphold their safety with the safety off. And laughing quietly with a small tear at how abuse has become so thorough and appropriation so in the hands of the abusers, at those who'd reveal themselves the oppressor for getting mad someone playfully take the mask of Ximen Bao, when he is more like a villager pointing out the elders and the village priestesses' abuse of women, Ximen Bao's mask though not belonging any one person, now that he is long gone but ancient Chinese history of a talented politician and hydraulics engineer to have tended to many overflowing rivers and removed institutionalized systematic abuse of women hidden by religion, perhaps more appropriately a certified software engineer or hacker, and uniformed policemen, policewomen, and uniformed military or their equivalent properly taking the place of Ximen Bao's guards and soldiers who drowned the village elders abusing women and the priestesses aiding them by selecting and coercing women for Habao the river God. Or those who'd become irate I'd take the mask of Diogenes de Sinope for doing the same when japing at other philosophers with more credential, where that mask belongs to those without academic title, even those with a criminal past like the real man's past as an exile for vandalizing, shaving off silver bits from Greek currency to accumulate and resell, but there is the mask of a particular Hebrew himself I'll never claim myself to be like, nor bigger than, not dare to take the mask of since that man born to woman of a man's seed showed a humble man could conquer an empire.
'And the UN, UNnazi-ed the world forever,' I could write an essay picking apart Idiocracy but it was not life changing, perhaps more the film inspired by events in Timothy Cavendish's life enjoyed by a clone broken free from her religious indoctrination before her confession and demise never knowing the connection to Timothy Cavendish, yet this slave freed from religious indoctrination, despite many attempts to kick my family further down the socioeconomic ladder back to where my parents began for their sons not accepting the commonly held ideals and their daughter being troublesome however smart they all are, did enjoy many more pleasures than poor Somni-451 did in that future cyberpunk North Korea. Forever grateful an emotional and intellectual connection, though it did not come to be physical as she'd once wished when inviting me to Spain, chanced into my life sharing my own favorite book as her bible once. Maybe I'll no longer dreamily think you Meronym, but you can still be Leonina Crowne, Mrs. Brown, Polina, and Donna, Audrey, or whatever other name she'd take under cover if you ever choose to care about what happens around you beyond sight, yet I do not blame you, a mother and woman with a career is no longer a wide-eyed blue eyed rebel I'd met and talked to till she'd sleep many a night turned morning. But no, John Does Not Die At The End, at least not by his own hand, I'd rather peeve someone off so hard they do it for me if what I speak is bothersome to someone who wouldn't more wisely incentivize me and befriend me to perhaps not do so and continue distracting myself as I did so contently before our connection was slashed.
And as I stared into the void of recent human history to see that which scared her away briefly to leave me feeling as if the globalist liberalism we'd shared had abandoned me to face religious extremism alone, the void stared back at me as my mouth watered before the roast upon the flames and delusions of a conquered Central America, much like Shadowrun’s post-Mexican state Aztlan, a result of a Mexican conquest of everything South down to a border shared uneasily with Amazonia at Bogota, Columbia. To turn of Central America that I was threatened with; poorly paid agricultural slave labor so Mexico may more freely pursue my own dream, an increasingly technocratic Nationalist Democratic state, which had previously been a softer more liberal and peaceful thought in the back of my mind as I struggled to embark on my own path to at least becoming stable and financially independent. And I took step by step the same path as The Wall’s protagonist, perhaps born of a psychotic break Roger Waters himself may have suffered, despite having watched him play it twice in Mexico City, the second time around with a bassist Second Gulf War veteran wheelchair-bound after the loss of his legs playing with him on-stage at the Zocalo.
Though I'd not accuse everyone, nor even everyone complicit knowing deception to be so possible in an informatic age where recently we learned deepfakes possible to super-impose the image of another over the original in a video, due to a scandal where celebrity women were edited into pornographic videos, showing us this is possible for any other motive, but that's why it's called the fucking mob kids, some places are clean, but where it penetrates it can come to ensnare and even become everyone unknowingly promoting and acting out the agenda of the few in charge of public perception and belief. Still, I'd always shunned away from power, fame, and riches, wouldn't reject them to do good, but never was interested, preferring to enjoy what I enjoy in-private, preferring to keep my ploys to influence more subtle and aimed at hopefully positive outcomes, until lately when I so erratically just plain stopped giving a fuck since after I'd chosen a brief dream among the many other dreams I held as an indecisive child for my future the schemes of power and corruption I'd hoped to avoid doing so still intruded upon my life, and I came to entertain the idea of my future to be a gray-haired Nationalist man someday vying for political power to cleanse a state of corruption, thinking how to come-up with my own catchy way to say 'La mafia del poder.' Wondering if jails still keep libraries somewhere, if you can still get your law degree to begin a potential political career while in prison, since some of my more brazen attempts at calling attention did have that as a preferable outcome over being tortured till I accept a false confession and Catholicism before being made to work a farm as a slave. Disappointed and feeling betrayed over having been treated such by another Leftism movement, supposedly a French Maoist among Mexican Maoists, myself a male Feminist, Democratic Socialist, and Market Socialist with some right-leaning Nationalism also keeping that Market Socialism aligned in some interests concerning not going too far with Libertarianism since doing so pushes everyone attempting some regulation towards wishing for violent revolution I still shun, ultimately being of the Center Left politically, and a man who would have enjoyed and loved to do agricultural work however grueling during his semester off even at low pay provided he wasn't forced into it and could leave come the end of the season. Even if it is a little more grueling compared to the last employment I applied for, which resulted in 12+ hour days including transit and combined with attending class for 6 months, so I could save up to buy an ex-girlfriend a huge and beautiful puzzle with some oriental inspiration like other art she enjoyed, myself a used laptop for classwork, and to buy tickets for us both to see Nine Inch Nails at a music festival I usually ignore because it's usually more pop and popular music compared to that year's set, a band both of us uphold as one of our favorites, since I'd love to learn agricultural work even as a skillset for a future hobby and I'd regretted not choosing horticulture as an elective at my university.
Who knows, maybe the cause behind the attack was really my insane Old Testament Catholic extremist of a younger brother turning me in to activists bordering on militants hoping they'd remove me from making him envious and having to hear an ass or two spanked and a woman's cry or two through our shared wall then thinking I don't deserve to do the same to a woman in a Spanish hotel room because I lack his philosophy degree or something. Man, we both really got to get out of our parent's house. I mention this because it seems to be a thing with him, a woman I dated but came to wish I'd treated more as a friend he'd made it a thing to descriptively tell me of how satisfying he'd left her when he'd fucked her as if I'd care and didn't know those screams and shudders myself, at a party with others present none-the-less, impressing upon me in a way it was clear he wanted me to feel envious as I laughed it off and said the equivalent of 'congrats, I guess?' Again he'd ask out a woman I'd more recently dated and was more seriously involved with after we broke up, to which she rejected and revealed to me how creepy it was when we got back together before ultimately breaking up again, once he tried to force himself into my room as she lay boldly naked atop my bed, insisting why don't we play some board games when clearly we were both set to fuck. I just don't know what the fuck is up with him but I've since forgiven him but never forgotten the lesson to not trust the younger brother who grabs the teapot to go and set it in the small courtyard of a backyard beneath the sole palm tree at night time ever again. Whatever, I guess he was sick of being Doctor Venture sleeping in the lower bunk bed beneath Brock's bunk as revealed in a flashback scene of their shared university years. Whatever, I guess he was sick of being Doctor Venture sleeping in the lower bunk bed beneath Brock's bunk. Go fuck off with your extremist friends, I'm not letting myself get that maddened over what turned out to be overblown again, but if I do I'm the fucking Monarch from Venture Bros replete with Monarch themed super villain costume to go tree hugging awaiting confrontation on some field set to be cleared, since clearly you can't trust people enough to fight for them even among Leftists, so I may as well go fight for trees that also serve as Monarch butterfly homes in the Winter. All that would be missing is a gravelly voiced woman or maybe a transgender woman to play Doctor Girlfriend, and a couple fellow weirdos to be Henchman 21 and the other guy to give the armed responders to our opposition to another field being cleared the strangest surprise. Maybe it was just that, and it took the collusion with a militant activist group to get me to feel inadequacy issues I'd gotten over in high school peacefully sharing halls with many women who'd rejected me over other dudes like any other weirdo, to get my brother to feel a little better about his ego despite writing such trash philosophy if what he's shown me is any indication of the rest, since apparently a guy can't enjoy things previously kept private without having it shown it was not so private after all. Still, I understand a woman's incapacity to comprehend and fear of me since I did say some weird shit fallen into psychosis, and forgive her however it made me feel abandoned in a time of duress, but perhaps it might be a chance to commit a Sophist act to teach a lesson to would-be faux-Sophists just wishing to see a man suffer for nothing more than their sadism."
Full post: https://www.facebook.com/notes/manuel-ignacio-mier-aguirre/which-media-would-you-consider-a-life-changing-experience/129415288891059/
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