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considering children with my Asian wife -- any advice for a concerned white guy?

2016.02.12 17:46 whiteguyconfused considering children with my Asian wife -- any advice for a concerned white guy?

I'll start with the basics... I am a Caucasian male and my wife is Asian-American (both parents of Chinese descent). My wife is the first Asian woman that I dated (historically dated White & Latina women), and I was not sorting for a specifically Asian woman when I met my wife.
My wife, by all accounts, is extremely attractive. She is a working model and most resembles Jessica Cambensy or Nicole Sherzinger (of all people) when people comment on her appearance. She is most frequently casted on projects seeking "mixed" models rather than purely Asian models because her appearance is more towards what one might expect from a "hapa" perhaps due to her parents being from Hong Kong.
On the flipside, my wife didn't settle for me a dumpy/nerdy white guy. I am very attractive and athletic myself, and as I said, have dated women from all backgrounds and did not sort for an Asian wife for any reason.
Anyway, I stumbled upon this sub-reddit and have some concerns about procreating, particularly on the chance that we have a boy (as it seems there are more issues for a Eurasian male than female).
I have two brother-in-laws who are successful Asian men with attractive wives who can hopefully dispel the notion that my son would be "less than" for being Asian in Western society.
That said, would you consider the day-to-day challenges of being Hapa to be so severe and frustrating that you would recommend WMAF couples not to have children? Seeing all of the posts concerning Eliot Rodger were a bit shocking, to say the least. I will say that I think there are expectations of Hapa children to be "gorgeous" and people have already told us that we should expect attractive children, which is a bit of a burden before being born. Obviously not every mixed-Asian kid grows up to look like Keanu Reeves (I know he is not 1/2 but to be fair, his father looks much more Asian than my wife).
Anyway, just looking for advice I guess. We have not tried for a family yet and the posts here have given me cause for concern.
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